Sell your hosting company

Take the first step in finding a new home for your users and get rewarded excellently for all your hard work.

Selling your hosting company is a big decison.

Quality Over Quantity

Our sole aim is to provide the best service for your clients, we don't just acquire as many clients as possible. We believe in quality.

Peace of Mind

Our technical ability and skills will provide you with a peace of mind and confidence that what you've worked so hard to create will be in good hands.

Client Transition

We make sure that we work closely with the seller to ensure that it will be a smooth client transition will. We aim to minimising the hassle for all parties involved.

Selling Criteria

We will consider acquiring the client base of any UK based hosting company. Unfortunately we are not able to buy any physical assets, as we move all clients to our servers in data centre outside of London.

This means that they will be placed on our own servers and equipment. When it comes to migrating, we are experts at it. Not only do we guarantee a smooth, painless migration, but we also offer barely any disruption of service.

If you would like to sell your Company to G7Cloud, there are a couple of your hosting company needs to fulfil the following criteria :

  • Your hosting company must be based in the UK, US or Canada.
  • At least 95% of the client base must be either UK residents, US residents or Canadian residents.
  • Your hosting company must have been established for at least 1 year
  • Company is growing or is showing stable turnover
  • Ideally use cPanel/WHM
  • WHMCS billing system
  • Majority of domains use your nameservers
  • Over 100 cPanel hosting accounts