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What is a Subdomain?

Before we can explain what a subdomain we first need to understand what a domain and hostname is.

A domain name is a unique name that can’t be used by anyone else, for example or is a domain name.

You may often see www. at the beginning of a domain, this is in fact a sub-domain of your primary domain. When it comes together you get this is technically known as a hostname.

With subdomains you can use any word you can think of, for example:


the options are virtually limitless. Most websites tend to use www. however this is not compulsory and more of a never ending trend.


Why do websites use different subdomain?

There are 2 key reasons for this.

  1. When a website becomes big in size the use of subdomains can help split the site into multiple sections. for example Google uses subdomains such as,, and more.
  2. From a technical stand point subdomains can point to an entirely different server. For example your primary website can be served by web hosting whilst your subdomain is served via


How do i create a subdomain?

Creating a subdomain is simple, login into your cPanel control panel and click on subdomains, highlighted below.

Enter your new subdomain in the first field, this can be anything you would like. In our example we have used new-subdomain.

After you have created your new subdomain you will notice a new folder has appeared in your cPanel file manager or FTP files.

Any files uploaded here will load from your new subdomain, furthermore you can install WordPress or any other application directly onto your new subdomain.

All G7 web hosting packages allow you to use unlimited subdomains.



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