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What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a content delivery network that stores your website’s content on multiple geographical locations in order to serve your website’s from servers/locations closer to the user. This can help improve your websites speed by up to 10X resulting in a faster loading website, globally.

All enterprise websites such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon and more utilize CDN’s like CloudFlare.

Does CloudFlare Secure My Website?​

Yes, CloudFlare was originally a security company that accidentally became a service to improve website page load times. 

CloudFlare combined with G7Cloud’s next-gen firewall protects your website from malicious attacks that hackers often use. Together we stop almost all known attacks on platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc before the hacker has even reached your website. In addition, G7Cloud and CloudFlare both protect your website against DDOS attacks.

Does CloudFlare Display Analytics?

CloudFlare offers special insights into your website’s traffic, highlighting threats, performance statistics, search engine crawlers and more.

Can CloudFlare Protect Me Against Spam?

CloudFlare identifies and blocks bad bots from accessing your website, reducing the number of spam comments your website receives.

What is CloudFlare Railgun?

CloudFlare’s propriety Railgun technology can improve your website load times by as much as 700%! In laymen’s terms Railgun is a special feature that allows a consistent connection between our network and CloudFlare’s, eliminating many unnecessary steps that traditional CDN have to go through.

CloudFlare Railgun

As a CloudFlare partner, we offer CloudFlare’s Railgun to all our web hosting customers free of charge. Otherwise If you’d purchase Railgun directly from Cloudflare it will cost $200/month, our special partnership allows us to offer it to you for free!

How Big Is CloudFlare's Network?

CloudFlare has one of the biggest networks on the planet with data centers covering every edge of the globe. You can be rest assured, no matter where your users are from. CloudFlare will have a local data center where your website will be served from. Dramatically improving page load speeds.

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