G7 Cache

 40,000,000+ pages views per day

 100% uptime

 Global Caching Servers

Reduce your server load by up to 95%

Unlike popular caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Rocket, LiteSpeed and more. Our proprietary caching technology lives on the cloud, isolated from your server infrastructure. 

G7 Cache is capable of absorbing tens of thousands of concurrent requests per second enabling your existing server infrastructure to only ever deal with dynamic requests i.e. someone logging in. 

100% Uptime

Having server problems? suffering from downtime?

G7 Cache can continue to serve your website to users even if your existing server infrastructure goes down. Keeping you online no matter what.    


Global Caching

Unlike traditional caching methods, your pages/HTML will be cached globally enabling lightening fast response times.

G7 Cache is tailored for each customer, enabling your website to remain fully dynamic whilst caching every page possible. 

Note: login, register, admin panel pages are not and cannot be cached. 


CMS Agnostic

G7 Cache is manually configured for each client. This means we are able to adapt to custom content management systems and large, complex websites.

* Existing client leveraging G7 Cache, reduced server load by 95% and reduced time to first byte, globally.

Traffic Spikes

Place G7 Cache in-front of your existing web architecture and let us absorb traffic spikes exceeding 1 million users per minute.

Get in touch

Contact us with your requirements and a dedicated account manager will deal with your every request.