Custom Web Architecture

 1,000,000+ pages views per day

 100% uptime during Black Friday spikes

Available for small to enterprise level websites

Never Think About Hosting Again

G7Cloud can take care of all of your DevOps requirements. We can consult, implement and manage your custom web architecture hosted.

We can deal with: 

  • Load balancers
  • Database clusters
  • Private CDN
  • PHP Application nodes
  • NodeJS nodes
  • Auto deployments from Github 
  • and much more

High Concurrency Web Architecture

Sudden traffic spikes can easily overwhelm your existing web architecture leading to downtime. A single hour of downtime can cost an organization in excess of $100,000 this is amplified during Black Friday and Christmas season.   

Our web architectures are designed to handle an absolute minimum of 20,000,000 page views per day, ready to handle whatever is thrown at your website. 


G7 Web Architecture

Web Application Firewall

Our artificial intelligence powered WAF stops threats directly on our edge servers, preventing threats for hitting your application.

Premium Network

Our network is connected directly to Level3, LINX, NTT and more enterprise ISPs for ultra low latency and responsive time.

100% Uptime

We take uptime and your digital assets very seriously. At G7Cloud our backup servers have backup servers!

Enterprise Level WordPress Architectures

We host some of the worlds largest WordPress websites that run on custom web architectures managed by G7Cloud and propriety caching solutions that can’t be matched by any out of the box caching solutions, be it LiteSpeed, WPEngine or WP Rocket. 

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