G7 Blaze™

G7 Blaze™ powered hosting reinvents web hosting by offering veteran tuned web-servers, latest hardware guarantee and proprietary technology built by G7Cloud with the goal of providing unprecedented web hosting performance, reliability & security to the masses. You no longer need to worry about performance or downtime, allowing you to focus on your business. 

1. Dedicated Server Resource

A proprietary technology built by G7Cloud with the goal of providing unprecedented web hosting performance and security to the masses. 

G7 Blaze powered VPS hosting provides you with dedicated server resource solely for your website. 

How is this different to traditional VPS hosting? 

The server resource assigned to you on a traditional VPS is used to:

  • Run your PHP website
  • Run cPanel/WHM
  • Run Mail-server
  • Run DNS-server
  • Run FTP-server
  • Run Firewalls
And the list goes on. With a G7 Blaze powered managed VPS 100% of your resource is dedicated to your website and your website only. All other services are taken care of by G7Cloud, unlocking the maximum potential from your VPS. 
0 X
Faster than VPS
G7 Blaze Pro (Silver)
CPU & RAM allocated to your PHP application 100%
HostGator VPS (Snappy 4000)
CPU & RAM allocated to your PHP application 48%

* Tested with a large WooCommerce store with 10,000 products. HostGator’s VPS consumed majority of its resources running the MySQL database. 

2. Enterprise Hardware & Software

All G7 Blaze powered VPS are run on the very latest technology, hand picked to provide the highest level of performance, reliability and security: 


  • 2019 DELL EMC 14th generation servers
  • Enterprise grade SSD storage
  • Latest EPYC Rome processors
  • High speed DDR4 ram
  • Redundant power & fiber optic network


  • LiteSpeed Enterprise Web-Server
  • MariaDB 10 database
  • PHP 7.0-7.3 with OPCache enabled
  • Redis object caching
  • BitNinja Security

3. Tuned by Veterans

Almost all of our competitors provide VPS hosting with default software configurations. 

Default settings are designed to work on any server no matter how old or new, it’s the server administrator’s responsibility to fine-tune the software to match the servers hardware. Not doing this will not only bottleneck your VPS, but prevent you from experiencing what your VPS is truly capable of. 

Our G7 Blaze powered virtual private servers are fine-tuned to maximise performance, everything from LiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP to the server Kernal are fully optimized for each individual server. Unlocking maximum performance from our 2019 Dell servers.  

Google Analytics Real Time Traffic. Website hosted on G7Cloud Platinum VPS.

Managed VPS Platinum customer experienced a significant traffic spike when their website started trending on social media, peaking at 16,000 page views per minute. With a G7 Blaze powered VPS the customer experienced no slow downs.  (Date: 1st June 2019)


4. Maximum Security

All our managed VPS utilize Imunify360 firewall, a world leader in cPanel security. With an enterprise grade firewall powered by artificiaal inteligence and 24/7 malware scanning can detect and remove malware on the fly. 

DDOS protection of up to 100GB/s is included on all managed VPS. 

5. Dedicated Account Manager

Our G7 Blaze powered VPS solutions include a dedicated account manager to help you make full use of our VPS hosting. 

We offer support and advice on how to improve your websites overall performance, this includes page speed optimization tips, SEO and caching for ultra low latency load times.