Ultra Fast WordPress Performance

All in one platform for maximum WordPress & WooCommerce performance

G7 Platform

G7’s unique platform offers a refreshing WordPress experience, delivering top-tier global performance without the need for costly third-party plugins.

Redis Object Caching

Object caching can greatly enhance the load times of your uncached WordPress pages, particularly for websites that use many plugins or run a large WooCommerce store. 

This feature is not typically found on most WordPress hosting providers. 

LiteSpeed Enterprise

We utilise LiteSpeeds enterprise web-server on all our servers to provide the fastest, most realiable and secure WordPress experience. 

WordPress running on a LiteSpeed enabled server allows you to leverage LSCache, the worlds fastest cache for WordPress. 

MariaDB Database

G7Cloud leverages the latest MariaDB database that's been fine tuned for maximum performance for both WordPress and WooCommerce stores. Allowing your website to perform its best, at all times. 

PHP 8+

PHP versions 8.0, 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 are enabled for all G7Cloud customers, allowing you to leverage the latest and fastest performing PHP version that's compatible with your existing plugins. 

Dedicated Server Resource

Unlike shared hosting, G7Cloud reserves a generous amount of dedicated server resource for every WordPress hosting package enabling you to experience ultra high performance and most importantly, consistent WordPress performance. 

Traffic Spikes?

By default, WordPress sites hosted with us are equipped to handle thousands of real-time users visiting your website at any given moment.

However, often a single misconfigured plugin can cause your entire website to go down during a traffic surge. Speak to our teams who can help you fine-tune your WordPress site to handle tens of thousands of users at any given moment.

Reduce Page Load Times by 80%

No need for costly image optimization plugins—G7's platform automatically converts all your images to next-generation formats on the fly.

This significantly reduces page size, thereby improving overall page load times and Core Web Vital scores.